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Going to Page, Arizona

Between Monument Valley and Page there is only one town, Kayenta.   Kayenta is part of the Navajo Nation and we spotted a Post Office.   We stopped and mailed some things that were not going to fit into our bags.   Keyenta is a small town of just under 5,000.   Here we found that we were having a problem, a confusing problem keeping up with the correct time.   Arizona does not go to daylight savings time.   There was a clerk at one stop who said, “We don't accept daylight savings time.”   But, there is exceptions, part of the problem, the Navajo Nation does observe daylight savings time.   What time it is depends heavily on “Where are we, Waldo?”

This is “big sky” country.   Lots of open space.

  • 317-0582
  • 318-0583
  • 319-0584
  • 320-0585
  • 321-0586

We are at Page and into our space at the campground.   The last photo is of the transportion that we would be using the next day.   The purpose of traveling to Page is to go into Antelope Canyon, another piece of the Navajo Nation.   Tonight, we disconnect everything and go into town to eat.

  • 322-0587
  • 323-0588

Page is a very new town, founded in 1957.   It developed solely because of the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam, the last dam built on the Colorado River.   This work started in 1956 and was not completed until 1966.   The surface area of a full Lake Powell is 254 square miles.   As a manmade lake it is second in size only to Lake Mead, also on the Colorado River.