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Bryce Canyon to Torrey, Utah

The highway from Bryce Canyon to Torrey, where the Capitol Reef National Park will be visited, is the famed State Highway 12, marked as a national scenic highway.   It travels through the northern reaches of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.   The geology changed dramatically from the reddish sandstone to gray something.

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Suddenly, trouble started with the rearview side mirror on the driver's side.   I could easily adjust it to only watch as it turned outward making it impossible to see to the rear.   Stopping to take photos, a call was place to the rental offices to find out how the mirror is tightened so it stayed in the set position.   With this solution, in the next town, Escalante, we stopped to find someone to correct our problem.   We found help at an RV park and the owner called for “roadside assistance”.   Great, while waiting we will have some lunch at the café where we were parked.   Nice sandwiches.   Recommended spot to eat — as I remember, it was the only place in town.   Our “roadside assistance” arrived on his motorcycle and for five dollars fixed our problem.   We were moving again.

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Now we are traveling through the Dixie National Forest.   The highest elevation will be 9,640 feet above sea level.   Then it will be only 15 or so miles to Torrey where the red sandstone reappeared.   The last photo in this group was taken from our campground.   I would be up early the next morning to see how it appears as the sun rises.

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