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Travel to Arches National Park

The drive Arches National Park will have been the longest drive that we have had so far.   For that reason, we will be staying two nights in the Park.   From where we stayed in the overflow campground, there are only two towns before reaching Moab just outside of the Park.

Not much to see until we come upon “Church Rock.”   Then some more sandstone cliffs and suddenly an arch, Wilson Arch.   Time to stop and take some photographs.

  • 225-0478
  • 226-0480
  • 227-0481
  • 228-0482
  • 229-0483-484_pan
  • 231-0485

Right behind us was a yound German couple.   They asked that I take their photo and then in return, they insisted that they take mine.   So here I am with one foot in the air ready to get back on the road.

  • 232-0486

Just up the road from Wilson Arch we came across a store complex that reminded me of so many of the roadside stores I have seen in the West.   A bunch of old stuff like this mining cart and crazy articles of days past.   Makes for a nice stopping place to use the restrooms and stretch the legs.

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  • 234-0490
  • 235-0491
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  • 242-0498
  • 243-0499

No, the lizard is not real!