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Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Going to this Park simply for an overnight stay was really a mistake.   It turned out that it was not as close the Kanab as I thought and once off the main highway, US89, it was a slow and long drive to the Park.   But we got there and stopping at the gate I informed the Ranger who we were and that we had reservations.   He politically informed us we were a day late, that our reservation was for the prior day.   No way!   But I got out my receipts and yep, we were a day late.   He said, no problem, not only was there space but the space I had reserved was still empty.

The Park facilities were very nice.   Everything very clean, private lockable shower rooms and vending machines.   As at all the sites we stayed, it was very quiet after dark.   There was a slight rain and that placed a chill on everything.

The next morning we prepared to leave and take a look at some of the features of the Park.   At a point where there was a walkway out over part of the dunes was a bit of history.   There was a time earlier when the movie industry found favor with this Park.   There have been five film made here: Arabian Nights - 1942, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves - 1943, Timbuktu - 1959, MacKenna's Gold - 1969 and One Little Indian - 1973.   Makes me want to see one of these old films to see how big the Park is made to appear.

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Having left the park, we back tracked to Fredonia, AZ to join up with AZ389 which turns into UT59 at the state line.   From this highway, there is a view that most likely was Zion National Park.

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Our route would take us back through Hurricane, UT, where I missed a turn on the trip to Zion NP.   No problems this time but nothing looked the same.   Joined up with I-15 and we were well on our way to Las Vegas.   It was the 3rd of October and the RV was due to be turned in on the 4th.