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Las Vegas Again

Our first night back in Vegas was spent cleaning the RV and getting it ready to return the following morning.   To take advantage of their shuttle to the hotel, we had to return with the RV no later than 10:30 a.m.   The shuttle would depart at 11 o'clock or earlier if everyone was there and ready.   We also had some extra food, candy and beer of which we had to get rid.   We met a young couple with two young girls from New Zealand who readily took our leftovers.   They had air conditioning problems and were waiting through the weekend for assistance to arrive on Monday.   No air conditioning — bad news.

On the way to our hotel, the MGM Grand, there appeared to the south a menacing looking storm.   The driver said the direction of the storm was not toward the city.   But some really wild clouds were appearing.   We had included a rental car with the room at the MGM.   Strangely, the pickup location was not at the MGM but at an address that turned out to be the Circus Circus.   I grabbed a taxi and to go for the car.   That shot most of the rest of the day because the driver didn't recognize the address.   After returning to the MGM with the car, we had the scene shown in the first photos below looking out our hotel window.   Quite a sight.   The evening news showed flash floods and some tonado like damage near Henderson, south of Vegas.

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Soon after arriving at the hotel, Mieko realize she left her bag in the RV.   We called to tell them where it was and they retrieved it.   But now, we had to get it.   We didn't bother going back on the day we turned in the RV but told them I would come out there the next morning.   This I did but it sort of messed up the plans for that day.   We did some shopping and looking around the strip and decided to go out at night.   We took the monorail north to Bally's.   Turns out the monorail is $15 for two, any distance desired.   There was still walking to get to the Bellagio with its famous water fountain.   The storm was triggered by a cold front and it was cold so Mieko stayed in the hotel.

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The red circular abstract above is a walkway over the The Strip from Bally's to Bellagio.   The photographs below were taken the next morning.   We had an airplane to catch and Delta advised to get to the airport 2 hours before departure.

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This was a nice trip.   Mieko thought it was the most comfortable long distance trip she had been on.   The seats in the cab were very comfortable.   It would be nice to know if that is a standard Ford seat or if it was a custom seat by the Coachman RV company.   Would we do it again?   Yeah, I think so.