Put the computer and Elements to work to do a 5 photograph panorama.   Assembled fairly quickly — didn't bother to time it but fast enough.   The first image below is the rough panorama immediately after it is assembled.


1.   The combination of the 5 photographs produces the 5 layers and ragged edges.

2.   Having taken the five from left to right using the panorama assist setting in the camera, I had no idea where I would finish the 5th photo.   Picked up some of the car, the wiper blade. Elements to the rescur.

3.   Copied a section of the sage brush above the wiper and placed it over the distraction.   This is a good way of doing large area of random pattern since the copied area can be distorted to have it appear closer to the camera.

4.   Gee, this is a big image.   Nearly 10,000 pixels wide and a 43.9 megapixels!

The Finished Panorama


CD/DVD Label

In Elements 6, there are not many CD/DVD labels from which to select.   Well, I make my own anyway.   I have a template of disc labels that can be purchased.   The most difficult part was aligning the margins for printing on the label.   Best to have a part of the document with the print area stroked with a color and the photo/image area blank to save ink.   Make a trial print and adjust as necessary.   My CD/DVD label.


PDF Slideshow

Did not make a huge slideshow.   Yes, the files get very large.   While it is very simple, I did go through a number of the steps.   While in the process of setting up some zooming, Organizer crashed and I lost that particular work.   I didn't attempt again for fear that it might happen again.

Hmmm, I thought this would be an automatic starting slideshow.   Nope, you have to click once on the opening photograph and then click on those following.

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