Using a color photograph taken of a covered bridge last Fall, I converted it to black and white with the Photo Effects, Tint Black and White.   I then decided that to have some of the color return would enhance the scene.   To do that, I reduced the Opacity of the Tint layer to 85%.   The second photograph is of the result I obtained.

Black and White Conversion


Bring back some color is just so ever slight.


Filters & Masks

This was an opportunity for some fun experimenting, as I am prone to do.   I start with a couple of photographs take viewing parts of the Grand Tetons Mountains.

The First Original


First the High Pass & Ink Outline Filters Followed
By the Mask Action & Gradient


The Gradient was used in the Mask to bring back color and detail in the top of the photograph.

A Second Original


Same as Above with the Addition of the Conté Crayon Filter
Two Mask Were Employed to Get the Effect Shown


I feel this has some of the charactertics of a Japanese woodblock print.

Autumn Leaves


This has a layer below the leaves with the Craquelure texture, 13, 6, 8 settings, applied.   To tone down the brightness, there is a Background layer of the green that appears in the border.   The texture layer has a slight Gaussian blur of 1 pixel and the opacity reduced to 65%.

Third Party Actions

Grant's Tools

Remarkable difference between the original shown below---


---- and corrected with Grant's Tools, Curves


My Photograph with Text Filled from a Second Photograph


The Same Photograph as Background, Panosfx_Fan Action


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