I have a photograph from the Cadillac Ranch just as Sara does.   The nice thing about photographing this nonsense located in the Panhandle of Texas is that there will never be two photos exactly the same, unless taken on the same day and perhaps at the same time.   These ten Cadillac half buried in the sandy soil account for a large amount of spray paint bought in Amarillo.

We were in Amarillo at the being of December of last year.   It was a fairly short trip for the purpose of attending the birthday party of my sister.

The Original


Filters Applied


I got carried away and forgot to write down which filters I was using.   Unlike Adjustment layers I would not retrieve this information.   However, with the original in the Background, I set the Blending to Luminosity to bring back some of the graffiti in the original.


This one I did better with my record keeping.

Water Paper
Cutout    7, 5, 3
Underpainting   4, 3, 125, 2
Poster Edges    1, 4, 3

Now we turn our eyes north Chicago, a wonderful city for its love of art and architecture.   This is the first of several photographs I took at the Millennium Park.   It is the roof of an outdoor stage.


Smudge Stick     4, 2, 3
Rough Pastels    6, 4
Canvas     100, 20
Watercolor     11, 1, 2
Cutout     5, 2, 3

Downloaded Filters

For application of the filters I download we go back to Amarillo.   Also in Amarillo is a “Quarterhorse Museum.”   For those who might not know, the quarterhorse is the work horse of the American cowboy.   We wanted to go in but it was closed on Sundays.   This is one of several outdoor sculptures.   First the original.


Jazz it up!

Flaming Pear's Boss-Emboss


I used a mask to prevent the embossing to show on the horse and jockey.

Flaming Pear's Zephr


Combine the “Boss-emboss” & “Zephr” with Color Burn


Discussion on Download Filters

I downloaded filters from Flaming Pear and Xero, 4 sets from the former and 5 sets from the latter.   If I decide to keep the pay to use that I got from Flaming Pear, I will be surprised.   There are some that really fit that category, “why would I want to use this?”   I experience no problems in either the download or the installation.   The same might apply to Xero's filters.

But the filter gallery is a nice tool.   I really don't know if I knew that more than one filter could be applied on the same layer.   Shame on me.

Using AutoFX Dreamy


The zoom effect is part of the effects of this filter.   The original below.


Below is a photograph of the Liberty Bike crafted by the Orange County Choppers often seen on television — if you watch that kind of show.   Taken at the Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama.


Some vignette to remove some of the clutter in the background and application of another Dreamy filter.


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