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At this point, you are asked to take a guess what the subject of this image is.   You will be giving the answer within one of the lessons for Create and Share.

This is not the first choice I had made for this page.   Trying new things with the digital camera and Photoshop Elements is the best way to expand the boundaries that have long been experienced by film photographers and I had come up with an interesting photograph taken from a scene in an old Japanese movie.   I guess I decided against using it as it was not an original creation that I could call my own.   There was been considerable editing of the captured shot for effect and also to remove identifying features, but still I wondered if it was being honest to myself.   I can say with 100 percent assurance that all creations within are mine and copyright © 2009 by Chuck Simon.   But I am bending the rule I impose on myself by using a portion as the banner image on the lesson pages.

Imaging and Art

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