Layer Styles

I downloaded a few styles, five to be exact, from Adobe Exchange.   The Clik-Silver-Gold, EyeGen_Dragon_ Script,   jak-spektrum,   LDG-Rasberries and SL-BalticSeaGlass.   I used Add-O-Matic to install and much to my surprise, when I opened Elements the Styles Palette was all messed up.   I read the link in the lesson on installing Styles in PSE6, even printed it out, checked what I had with everything looking fine. I then did as suggested, closed Elements and restarted it.   This time everything was just how it should be.   Gave me a fright for a short time.

Some Examples of Downloaded Styles Applied


The following is a favorite of many wanting gold text.


Some Experiments in Layer Styles Applied to the Entire Image

First the Original, the Pritzker Pavilion, Millennium Park.


Layer Style - Image Effects, Night Vision


Layer Style - Image Effects, Night Vision, Color Inverted


Okay, I will reveal the subject of the image on my homepage for this course.   I thought that Sara might have given it away but perhaps she and I are the only ones in this group who has visited the Millennium Park located in almost downtown Chicago.   The image is a photograph taken of what is called “The Bean.”   A very interesting sculpture that is a part of the Park.   The image was taken underneath “The Bean” looking upward.   I have used photographs of this sculpture in the first of my two collages.


The First Collage


There are at least three main parts to this Park.   Another was “Crown Fountain.”   It is a delightful place on hot summer days.   It was most fun watching the children and some adults who are still pretty much children.

Crown Fountain


In this collage, the fountain is shown in three states of its cycle.   First there is nothing displayed, then the likeness of a person appears, which is shortly followed by a large stream of water.

For more information on Millennium Park

It Has Been a Fun Use of Elements

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