I made a calendar with Photoshop 5 just so I could print it.   I really saw no reason to send to an outside printer.   After printing, I took it to Staples for punching and binding with a spiral.   Staples work cost me $1.50.   It was not printed on both sides although I do have an HP paper that is for two sided printing.

More Collages

Multi-Page Collage

I like this feature.   It is fast and keeps everything all together.   I am not really into scrapebooking so it is doubtful that I will use this feature but it is good to know it is there. I did a three page document with six photographs.


Photo Book

This is another quick and easy feature.   But like the above, I will probably not use it.   If someday I decide to publish a book of my work, <puff up chest>, then I might think about it.



Flip Book - Sort of a Silly Subject

This series of photographs were not taken to present in this fashion.   But what the hey?

That's All

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