Back in our boat and crusing upriver our next stop was Passau, Germany, the Dreiflüssestadt (City on Three Rivers).   This turned out to me one of my favorite stops.

Collage of Photographs

Not Two! But Three Photographs!


Europe's largest pipe organ is in the St. Stephan's Cathedral in Passau, Germany.   Eight thousand pipes! The sound of it brings goosebumps to the arms.   Combined with the “work around masking” of the following.


Use of a Displacement Map

This didn't come together as it was expected.   The below was made by taking the text from the “displacement mapped image” and pasted into the narrow path.


and the creation of the text


Photo Edges


As an Extra —

The sun rays streaming through the tree in Sara's example was intriging.   I had to give it a try.   I didn't get the individual lines as well as she did but it works.


The details


Ready for Lesson 4

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