If anyone is interested, these photographs were taken in Vienna, Austria, this past summer.   Of all things, the Church is the “Mexico Church”.   The river is the River Danube.

Simple Layering of One Photograph Onto Another

The Two Photographs



Vignetting One Layer Photograph Onto Another

The Two Photographs



This really gets into the realm of faking a scene.   First the two photographs are about 90° from each other.   The photo on the left, the bridge, was flipped horizontally to closer match the bridge as it does indeed exist in front of the church.   The vignette was rectangular in shape to reveal the upper portion of the church.   With the water, to resist a reflection of sorts was too much.   Technically, there is much wrong with the completed picture.   There should be a reflection of the bridge and some other things in the photo that are not there.

Ready for Lesson 2

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