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Week Six

Smart Objects

A “Smart Object” is a file embedded within another file that protects it from any change.   The below is a composite of 3 photographs, each a Smart Object.

oceanset (27K)

To make changes to the picture, the Smart Object must be opened, apply the changes. Cropping the main picture will not change the content or size of the Smart Object.
Here the Task was to Modify an Existing Image Provided for the Class

Scrapbook1 (106K)

In this final version, there were 16 Smart Objects.   The three main photographs are much bigger than shown in this composite and remained unaltered.

Transforming Images

Now This is Some Cool Stuff.   First the Class Material for Transforming into One.

pear (21K) orange (24K)

Select, Copy, Paste, Transform and a New Fruit

pearange (53K)


Given Five Sets Consisting of Three Photographs, Task was to create a Collage Using All the Photos.

zoo-composit (93K)

Learned a lot but the program has many more features than we touched upon.

Imaging and Art

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