inter-title-img (41K)

Week Three

Using Adjustment Layers & Introduction to Layer Masks

cruise-group-before (89K)

A Really Really Awful Photograph

cruise-group (105K)

Much improved but not great

layers (29K)

Masking layers involved in above

Composites Using Layer Masks

fireworks (7K) clown (16K)

Class material

fireworks2 (98K)

My composite

wall (16K)

flowerbasket (10K)

Class material

flowerbasket-2 (56K)

My composite

sunset-clouds (4K)

santa-fe (9K)

traincar-of-past (102K)

Sun setting on the American caboose

traincars-tornado-sky (90K)

An adjustment via Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer

Imaging and Art

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