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Week Five

Using Fill Layers

First, the class material

carousel (55K)

Looks fine... Well Fill Layers can provide Special Effects

carousel2 (18K)

Here the Task was to Modify an Existing Image

WeddingAlbum (38K)

Very slight changes, but changed never the less.

WeddingAlbum1 (54K)

Then Altered More, Much More

rowan (48K)

Granddaughter Rowan

cameron (47K)

Grandson Cameron

Clipping Masks

A Typical Tourist Postcard

postcard (72K)

....As this is a composite or use of three images.

Here, lots of use of Fill Layers and Clipping Masks

butterfly-logo (104K)

Layers Involved Below.

butterfly-layers (51K)

A Postcard From My Own Photographs


Imaging and Art

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