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Week Four

Layer Masks: More Practice

First, the class material

towerguard (18K) beefeater (27K) waxsoldier (20K)

Plus One More...

towerbridge (82K)

When Combined, Result in This

english-vignette (78K)

The Onions in a Basket Photograph Revisited

my-onion (32K)

Layers with Effects Applied

my-onion-layers (20K)

Six Masking Layers Involved in Above

Layer Masks with Shades of Gray

The Photograph no longer tells the truth as to what was....

fishplant (27K)

....As this is a composite or use of three images.

The use of layer masks make the combining of multiple photographs to tell a story easy.

summermemories (17K)

A composite of five photographs.

The composites above done with guidance. Then off on our own.

temple-bamboo (22K)

cemetery (6K) sponge-mask (94K)

water-cups (5K)

The Resulting Composite

temple-scenes (49K)

My composition

Imaging and Art

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