inter-title-img (41K)

Week Two

Layer Styles, Blending, Filters and Restorations

0-squirrel (50K)

Class Material

0-my-squirrel (40K)

Squirrel enhanced and framed.

Layers Styles and Filters on Photographs

1-bridge (49K)

Class material

1-bridge-copy (34K)

My composition

2-susp-bridge-cincinnati (160K)

Roebling Bridge, Cincinnati, Ohio

3-layers (31K)

My Layers

Restoration of Photographs

4-boy_girl (54K)

Class Material

5-boy_girl (47K)

Restored somewhat and vignette applied.

6-boy_girl-layers (25K)

My Layers

More Restoration

7-weddingkids (67K)

Class Material

8-weddingkids (48K)

Should be able to make a living doing this!

Imaging and Art

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