Lesson 5

Sharpening by Several Means


The Original of Our Youngest, circa 1971

dav-quik-60 dav=adj-sharp

Quick Edit, Slider at 60

Adjust Sharpness 65%, 4px, Motion: Blur

dav-usm dav-edge-mask

Unsharp Mask 40%, 10px, 3

Edge Mask
Maybe the Best

Sharpening Using the High Pass Filter

iris-orig iris-hi-pass

Iris - Original Scan

High Pass Filter 4px, Gaussian 1

Corrections of Camera Distortion


Mouse over to see in process grid lines

Original from Camera. Elements' Correction of Camera Distortion could not handle this.   The left and right not being the same out of vertical could not be corrected.   I used Image > Transform > Skew but this will bow the verticals outward.   Correction Camera Distortion handled it.


Final cropped image.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Eyes


Mouse Over the above Originals and Watch the Eyes

Been Fun

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