Lesson 1

Quick Edit


Artifact on display at the Milwaukee Art Museum.   White interior made it most difficult to photograph.


Quick Fix. Smart fix: Auto, Balance: Temperature: +56, Tint: +10

Shadows & Highlights


Original, Antelope Canyon, Arizona


Adjust Lighting — Shadows: 51%, Highlights: 51%, Contrast: 43%

Corrections by Blending


Original became underexposed by the brightness of the brass.


Background duplicated to a new layer and Blending Mode of Screen applied.   Opacity of 75% returned the most pleasing balance with the sky.


Sorta bland, soooo blend to fix the bland!


Better, added layer set blending to Screen at 42% opacity followed by another layer with blending set to Linear Light, opacity 100%.

More . . More

mam-orig.jpg 32.2 KB mam-adjusted.jpg 33.9 KB
An architect classmate told me that art museums should be white on the interior.   I can assure you that this will test your abilities in photography.Adjustments:
Duplicate Background
Blending: Screen 50%
With Magic Wand, select the structure and Ctrl+J.   Blending: Lighten 100%.   Enhance > Adjust Color > Replace Color adding slight green.

Same Place, later time.

mam-opening-orig.jpg 57.3 KB

The solar screen is in the process of opening.

mam-opening-adj.jpg 62.5 KB

Cloudy, rainy day, nothing but white clouds.   Using Color Varations: Highlights checked, More Blue 4 times.   Followed by Shadows checked, Darken.

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