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Lesson 5


I have studied LAB on my own several years ago. Purchased the book Photoshop LAB Color, The Canyon Conundrum, by Dan Margulis (ISBN 0-321-35678-0) launched into it but did not finish. Perhaps I will restart my study. I learned about applying sharpening to the Lightness channel of LAB and found it helpful. For some reason, sharpening was grayed out in CC2014. I wonder if it was removed or disabled.

Las Vegas

lv-original.jpg lv-lab.jpg

Yellow Flowers

yellowflowers-original.jpg yellowflowers-lab-color-enhance.jpg

Antelope Canyon

slotcanyon-orig.jpg slotcanyon-lab.jpg

Colorful Brine Shrimp, South of SFO International

sf-orig.jpg sf-lab.jpg

This photograph taken from an airplane landing at San Francisco airport. Shooting through the plane window is what caused the white hazy look. LAB edit was an improvement but did not provide the rich colors that I wanted. I duplicated the layer and set the blending to Multiply.