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Lesson 4


The Quilt Show provided the opportunity for so many colorful photographs I will continue to use some of the quilts that I thought were outstanding to develop an action to show off the beautiful features.

I have a lot of trouble with the action until I woke this morning. Suddenly I realized that what I was doing was repeating a selection that is involved in development of the image. My realization was that the selection must not be a part of the action, that the action must stop so a selection could be made and then continue on with the action items. Duh!

Here are three examples of what I created.


Red Abstract


The combination of colors here are wonderful.


Red Swirl

The action follows. It employes the use of the Topaz Impression filter.



I used a previously created action for resizing and applying a texture frame a photograph. Afterwards, for this photograph, I applied some texture to this sunset photograph and also boosted the saturation to give it some pop. My son captured this scene in Naperville, IL, this winter.