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Lesson 6

Layer Comps

This is new to me. By that I mean, creating Layer Comps. It is neat that all it takes is the clicking through the Layer Comp list with all the appropriate layers turned off or on. I found the only way to change the color and effects of text was by duplicating the text in another layer.






Now this is really getting interesting. Designing layouts with variables. Wow! This is cool.

display1.jpg display2.jpg display3.jpg display4.jpg

My variable data set was manufacturer,year,model,photo. If you wish to use a space in any of the variables, you can do as I did for manufacturer by enclosing the data in quotation marks, i.e. "General Motors". As can be seen, the quotation marks do not appear in the inserted data and the space is intact.

Now, what I would like to see is how this can be automatically played. That would really be cool.