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This the second of three levels of instruction offered by LVS Online.   In the above banner image, a click on Level I box will bring up the previous work of level.

Lesson 5

Adobe Camera RAW

Mouseover for original photograph, NEF RAW.   Goal was to enhance the colors, bring out detail and added sharpness.

Original Orchids

More Adobe Camera Raw Adjustments

3018-orig.jpg - 31.2 KB
Original at the Cadillac Ranch
3018-acr.jpg - 35.8 KB
Basic Adjustments in ACR
3018-hue.jpg - 35.6 KB
Added Adjustment in Hue/Saturation
3018-bw.jpg - 28.5 KB
Converted to Grayscale with adjustments to various channels.

One More. . .

Enhanced flowers with ACR then extracted flowers from background in order to make dark which was done with Levels Adjustment layer.   Mouseover for original photograph.

Just Flowers