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This the second of three levels of instruction offered by LVS Online.   In the above banner image, a click on Level I box will bring up the previous work of level.

Lesson 3

Layer Masks

guitar2.jpg - 25.8 KB

Converting Color to Black & White

tulip-orig.jpg - 8.4 KB
Original Photograph
tulip-channel-adj-layer.jpg - 7.9 KB
Adjustment Layer, Channels
tulip-calc.jpg - 7.8 KB
Calculation Method
tulip-green-channel.jpg - 8.3 KB
Green Channel

Selective Coloring

fawn-full-color.jpg - 62.5 KB


fawn-select-color.jpg - 59.5 KB

Adjustment Layer with Mask

Art History Brush

crocus1.jpg - 40.9 KB


crocus-orig.jpg - 60.1 KB

Original Photograph

The tabs below were part of the last lesson in Level I.   I decided to use them as a navigation feature at the bottom of my web pages for these studies in Level II.