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This the second of three levels of instruction offered by LVS Online.   In the above banner image, a click on Level I box will bring up the previous work of level.

Lesson 4


starter-colors.jpg - 70.2 KB

I find that nature has the best combinations of colors.   This is a springtime photograph that was used to create three gradients.

created-gradients.jpg - 64.3 KB

The first gradient colors are taken from only the daffodils.   The second gradient adds in the green from the foliage and the last adds in two colors found in the tulips.


Contours applied in the Layer Style change the appearance of that to which it is applied, in this case the gradients.

contours-applied.jpg - 65.5 KB contours.jpg - 45.6 KB

Gradients & Contours Applied to Text

gradient-contours-study.jpg - 70.8 KB

Removing Backgrounds

parthenon-orig.jpg - 21.7 KBsky.jpg - 14.9 KB

Nice blue sky at the Nashville Parthenon and a nice partly cloudy sky in Ohio.

parthenon-enhanced-sky.jpg - 62 KB

That was too easy!

talisen-orig.jpg - 75.8 KB

Frank Lloyd Wight's home, Taliesin, in Wisconsin.   Nothing wrong with the beautiful sky.   This sky is a combination of colors found on the house with a touch of the blue sky.

talisen-wierd-sky.jpg - 78.5 KB

Correcting Red Eye/Pet Eye Problems

Mouseover to see corrected eyes.

bosco eye corrected

Bosco, Chocolate Lab