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This the second of three levels of instruction offered by LVS Online.   In the above banner image, a click on Level I box will bring up the previous work of level.

Lesson 2

Adjustment Layers

Levels, Curves and More

Adjustment Layer - LevelsAdjustment Layer - Curves
half-dome-levels.jpg - 12.1 KB
Yosemite Half Dome, Levels Adjustment Layer.
half-dome-curves.jpg - 15.5 KB
Same photograph with Curves Adjustment Layer,
This seems to have more life than the one done with Levels.
cloud-formation-levels.jpg - 7.9 KB
Cloud Formation, Levels Adjustment Layer
I like the color in the colors best in this one.
cloud-formation-curves.jpg - 6.8 KB
Cloud Formation with Curves Adjustment Layer.

Other Adjustment Layers

raccoon-l-b-c.jpg - 11.4 KB
With Levels,Brightness-Contrast
raccoon-b-w.jpg - 11 KB
Black/White Adj Layer
raccoon-sepia.jpg - 11.7 KB
B/W Toned with Sepia

More Adjustment Layer Effects

pittsburgh-orig.jpg - 26.6 KB
Original From Camera
pittsburgh-levels.jpg - 32.4 KB
Levels Adjustment Layer
pittsburgh-curves.jpg - 30.3 KB
Curves Adjustment Layer

Applying Text and Use of Clipping Masks

pittsburgh-levels-texted-r1.jpg - 37 KB

An additional layer of the cityscape was used to reduce the Opacity to make lighter.   Also applied a gradient mask to further reduce the opacity at the bottom of the photograph.

santorini.jpg - 47.6 KB


The tabs below were part of the last lesson in Level I.   I decided to use them as a navigation feature at the bottom of my web pages for these studies in Level II.