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Sea Princess Cruise Ship

On June 30, 2001, Charles and Mieko embarked on a sea and land cruise of Alaska. Displayed here are all the photographs that were taken on this trip.

The photograph at left is the Sea Princess in port at Skagway, Alaska.   This was the third port call in the north bound cruise. The earlier port calls were at Ketchikan and Juneau.   We hope that you find the writing and photographs interesting.   Further research into Alaska, our 49th state, will, I promise, be very enlightening.   I've included at least one link to get you started on each page.

The 200 or so photos presented here are in the order taken.   Some are rather ordinary and perhaps meaningless. I have to admit that a new digital camera has an awful lot to do with the number of shots taken. In order for the individual pages to load quickly and to give you the viewer a choice as to what to look at, if any, all the small images will enlarge with a left click.

If the Ship's Log is of interest, it is included and linked to the first seven days at sea.   Use the browser “Back” button to return from where you came.

All full size images are 800w x 600h pixels with those in the vertical format, 450±w x 600h pixels.   All images are copyrighted to Charles R. Simon, October 2001 and may not be distributed.

Okay, now that it has been explained how to get around and the rules concerning the use of the photos, we're off. Start by clicking the below link or “Day 1” in the table at the bottom of the page.

The Sea and Land Cruise, Getting There

All photographs copyright 2001, Charles R. Simon

Imaging and Art

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