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Lesson One

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The original scan of a slide.    Too, too much blue.

Color Cast Removal.
Step 1 - Remove Color Cast
Step 2 - Smart Fix
Step 3 - Smart Fix Adjustment = 47%
Step 4 - Cropped
Step 5 - USM

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The original photograph out of the camera.

Smart Fix with Adjustment of 100%
USM of 85%, 1, 2

This photograph was cropped extensively and text applied for the following.

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The gray extension on the right was for the purpose of providing additional space for the text.   The gray is the same as the background color of the web site where it is used. There is an additional purpose for providing this gray space.   If the browser window is not a full 1024 pixels wide, there is an adjustment on the right hand side and the text that “floats” in this area also adjusts into additional lines.   Visit my Saguenay River web site for a look.   Please feel free to follow the various links for other photos taken on this cruise last Fall.

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Imaging and Art

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