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Lesson Three

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— Panamanian Dancer —

The original photograph out of the camera.
If this were film it would have been in the trash.

— Not Perfect but Better —
Auto Smart Fix, Adjust Smart Fix, Auto, Photo Filters: Warming 81, Density 50%.
Hue/Saturation, Red Channel +20, Yellow Channel -10.
Applied a Gaussian Blur of 1 px to smooth out skin tones then created a new layer of the junk in the background to apply Motion Blur creating the sense of movement.

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stork-original (52K)

stork (57K)

The original photograph out of the camera.
Not much to do here.

Applied the Warming filter (85).
Then corrected the white point.

daylily-original (48K)

daylily (53K)

The original photograph out of the camera.

Spot removal with healing tool and clone tool.
Applied Deep Yellow filter, 25%.
Increased canvas size to allow space to free transform the outlined and distorted flower.
Created a copy layer of the background and adjusted the Hue/Saturation on Green channel to produce the reddish-pink background.
Finally on flattened image, adjusted Brightness by minus 15 and Contrast by plus 13.

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Imaging and Art

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