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Lesson Four

flower-original (84K)

flower (144K)

— Flower —

The original photograph out of the camera.

— Filter Gallery —

Brush Strokes | Spatter:  8, 7
Distort | Diffuse Glow:  2, 3, 18
Texture | Texturizer | Canvas:  150, 4
Smart Blur:  3.5, 54.3

japanese-garden-orig-bkgrd (80K)

japanese-lantern-orig (38K)

The original photograph out of the camera used as background.

The second original photograph.

japanese-garden (146K)

Selected Lantern with Magic Wand, Copy – Paste onto background image.
Selected Text area for white fill and adjusted opacity.
Enter text and applied layer styles for bevel and drop shadow.

tiger-orig (84K)

tiger (130K)

The original photograph of white tiger.

Pen and Ink rendering of original photograph.   Followed closely the setting used by Sara in the instructions.   Some minor changes just to enhance the photo.

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Imaging and Art

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