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Lesson 5

Filters & Third Party Plugins

Corn Grinding Stones Original

This is the original of the image that I applied the two following filters.

Filter Tachyon Applied

This filter is Tachyon from Flaming Pear

Filter Zephyr Applied

This filter is Zephyr from Flaming Pear

Following is the original of a second group of filters applied.


Some filters I found so changed the image that it was unrecognizable. Not these. Both are from Cybia. The first one is ColourWorks Mono, a beautiful sepia tone.

Yosemite Valley Sepia Applied

Following is Cybia EdgeWorks Corrode filter.

Yosemite Valley Corrode Applied


There were so many fonts that I really didn't know where to start.   I picked out three and downloaded from Typoasis, the Japan Regular, China One and Tolkien.   I like the Japan Regular and have used it in the following as well as the greeting card which is at the bottom of this page.


Temple Bamboo

Brushes, now this is a neat feature. I made one other than the copyright signature brush from this image. The brush has been applied around the object use as the brush.


Brush Demo

Greeting Card

And, lastly, least I bore you to death - the greeting card. It took a lot of thinking to figure out how the get the text upside down and backwards.   It was a big duh! when it finally came to me.

Greeting Card

This has been another good session!

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