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From the Ground Up

Instructed by Sara Froehlich
Student and Website by Chuck Simon

Lesson 3

Mattes & Frames

Basilica of the Assumption

I selected this beautiful Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption to a apply matte and frame.   This has been a good exercise as the steps were repeated several times.   I think that I can remember.


Close up photography has it limitations and is difficult to "get in" as close as one would like.

Cropped Grasshopper

Cropping, I learned long ago, is a good method to improve composition and get in tighter on the subject.

I have been using image editing programs for a couple of years and have never understood layers and how to do the things that I learned in the last part of this lesson. I now have my money's worth for this session.

Sky and Dunes

A sky over West Texas sand dunes taken years ago on 35 mm slide and recently scanned and cropped.


My little dog, Corky, who thinks that he is a big dog.

The above two images combined for a striking composite.


This has been a good session!

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