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Lesson 6


Scan Lines

A Dog Named Tiger

This has had the scan lines applied.   I learned that it is best to resize the image to the size that it will be posted and then apply the scan line pattern.   Otherwise, it just doesn't look good.

Blue - Solid & Gradient

This is an simple image that I made to save as a pattern.   It is really not seamless but I wanted to see how it would look.

New Pattern

So this is how it turned out.



I had trouble with this one.   When I tried to apply the cowhide pattern, I was alerted to Simplify.   If I tried to apply the outline effect, it alerted that it needed text.   Everything was just not working right.   What shows here was a little on the cheating side.

The Wanted Poster

The Wanted Poster was quite a task.   I think this is the fourth rendition.   The nails I made as a brush from a photo I took for this purpose.   The photo is of one of three grandsons.   He is very interested in making videos and is becoming quite skilled.

Wanted Poster

I now know much more about Elements than I did six weeks ago!   It is so much more of a powerful program than I had thought.   I eagerly await the next course.   It has been nice seeing the work of everyone else.   And as I have said before, this has been another good session!

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