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September 24th — Heading Home


Yes, there was a cold front — there was a change in weather.   On this day when we are packing to leave there is the first snow of the season.   Not a lot at the elevations we are at and will drive to get back to Jackson but at the higher elevations of the mountains, the snow is clear.

It was also surprising how much the landscape had changed in color during our short stay.   With snow clouds overhead, the colors of autumn don't show in their finest photographically.   The aspens seemed to have made the greatest change.

We are now out of Yellowstone and back in the Grand Teton area.   With breaks in the cloud cover, the overnight snow is more evident.

In the center of Jackson is a “square” that has a gazebo surrounded by a small park.   At the four corners there are entry walks and arches made of elk antlers.   These arches were in many places around the city and we saw north of town where they were being assembled.   Unique, to say the least.   Elk antlers are also used for various other purposes.   The last photograph is of the light fixture in the lobby of the “Best Western” where we stayed.

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