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September 22nd — in Yellowstone

Today we are headed north.   Our goal will be the Mammoth Hot Springs and the Hot Spring Terrraces.   First we come across a fairly large herd of bison and traffic is stopped with everyone snapping photographs.   Well, just like the herd of people, I too grabbed the camera.

Our first stop, besides forced to a halt by the bison, was at Mud Volcano.   It is near the Sulphur Caldron which is indeed a smelly place.   A couple of photos of the Mud Volcano followed by the smelly place.

The main road follows along side the Yellowstone River for most of the distance between Lake Village to the south and Canyon Village at the north.   Once passed Canyon Village starts the climb over the mountains.   The highest elevation is at Dunraven Pass at an elevation of 8,859 feet.   At that point the mountains loam higher on the right as we pass along side Mount Washburn, elevation 10,243 feet.   Passing Tower Fall without stopping, except to ask a Park Ranger where we could get gasoline, we continue north.   Dang, we could use some gasoline but none at Tower Fall, the Ranger said to go to Tower-Roosevelt just down the mountain.   Now we have the mountains on our left and the valley to our right and come across these strange rock formations.

There was another there taking photographs.   I ask if he knew why the rocks look like crystals?   His reply was that these were crystals of lava.   Strangely there were two layer of this formation across the valley.   There was a sign not to stand below the jutting out rock, yeah it was just like an invite to “stand here”.   Oh, did you notice the tree growing out of the side of the cliff?

Well, we made it to Tower-Roosevelt.   Not much here and what was here has been shut down for the season.   No gasoline here.   Now we have to decide, continue on to Mammoth Hot Springs and maybe not find where we can buy gasoline or return now.

We turned around and this time stopped at Tower Fall for eats.   Here is one of the Park's tourist buses; saw similar old machines on the road.   At Tower Fall there is indeed a waterfall of that name.   The weather here was fairly hot.   The ice cream we bought to go with the sandwich was most welcome.   I mention weather because it is about to change.

Our next stop will be Canyon Village the centerpiece being the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.   We have traveled only about 15 miles but in that time, the bottom has fell in the temperature.   I guess a cold front came through, with no radio or television we have no idea.   But it has to be close to freezing!

At least we did bring jackets.   We just didn't realize how badly we would need them.   Yes, a cold front had arrived and we were to see more of it.

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