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September 20th in Yellowstone

Then the sign telling us we were at Yellowstone, well there was a gate also where than collect entrance fees and hand out maps and a locally printed four-page newspaper of happenings for the week.   Evidence of the big fire of 1988 was all over.   It will grow back but it will take many years.   Just inside the south entrance is the first of several points where we crossed the Continental Divide.   Our reservations were at Grant Village where there were buildings of nothing really great but close to a nice restaurant.   Reservations for the evening meal was an absolute must.   No reservation, no meal.   I made reservations for dinner when I made reservations for accommodations, about 10 months in advance.   The restaurant, like much of the operations of the National Parks, was run by Xanterra Parks and Resorts.   In other words, these operations, lodging, camping activities, dining and the reservations for all, have been outsourced.   We had a waiter from Kentucky, another from Poland.   Great experience for young people.   The young man from Kentucky was moving to another park for the winter months and he said he was really enjoying the work.

I digress, on check in for our room, I noticed a posting for the next eruption of Old Faithful.   The person at the desk told us there was time to get there and return in time for dinner.   Miss the reservation and we miss dinner.

You've seen movies of Old Faithful but I couldn't help but to put this video on my page — just to create the mood for this geyser.

Many thanks to “lowcostvideo” at Youtube.

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