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September 23rd — in Yellowstone

This is a panoramic of West Thumb of the Yellowstone Lake, that portion that is in the background.   In the foreground is a very small lake named “Duck Lake”.   You can see in this photograph the damage done by the big fire that raged in the Park.   Growth is coming back but you can see it will take time.

Having not seen the inside of the Old Faithful Lodge, that is our destination today.   We didn't stay there because at the time of reservations, it was being renovated.   There are also outer “cabins”.   But this lodge is an interesting use of local timber.

There was an hour long waiting list for lunch.   No rush, it is cold and rainy outside — the wind is blowing.   We had a very good lunch.   I recommend eating there.

In this same basin as the Old Faithful Geyser is Castle Geyser and Grand Geyser.   The photographs below are these two geysers, respectively.   Seeing these again remind me how cold it was!

After lunch we make the drive back toward Grant Village.   We have plenty of time but do have to travel for dinner tonight.   These next photographs were taken on the way back to Grant Village.

Then as we get back near Yellowstone Lake, we follow the signs for the West Thumb Geyser Basin.   Another interesting collection of geysers.   Notice that there are geyser surrounded by the lake water.

This next small geyser, in Yellowstone Lake, as a history.   The early visitors to Yellowstone wrote of fishing in the lake.   Trout was abundant.   But there was this small geyser that contained very hot water.   Once a trout was caught on the hook, it was just a small trick to swing it over into the geyser to cook.   Yep, that is the story we heard.

Some photos of other geysers in this basin.   It would be interesting to know how deep the geysers penetrate into the earth.   Logic tells me they are very deep.

Tonight we dine at the very old and elegant Lake Lodge, about 25 miles from where we are staying at Grant Village.

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