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Photo Filters — Digital Style

The digital camera seldom makes white balance errors but it is possible.   Good to know that Photoshop Elements can come to the rescue.

statue_0 statue_1

The original on the left, I felt was a little to orange.

I applied a “cooling” filter to better represent the actual appearance.   Layers shown below.

statue_layers (26K)

Do Another....Using the Quick Fix

tiger_0 tiger_1

The difference might not be apparent as the original I found to be slightly on the warm side.   This rendered the white as somewhat off white.   The image on the right also has the blue cooling filter, #80 at about 14% density.   If you are wondering — no this is not a real tiger, it is not a painting.   It is a silk embroidery.

Color Curves

mountains_0 mountains_1

The original above somewhat lost in the "haze" and bright sky.

Much improved in my eyes.

vert-mountains_0 vert-mountains_1

The correction applied on the right is a combination of Color Curves and an Adjustment Layer for Brightness/Contrast which darken the overall image.   The highlights on the lower foothills are the result of Masking to reveal the original lighting in that area.

Lastly, A Study in Layers and Blending Modes

musical_0 (64K)

The Original

musical_1 (58K)

Elements Rocks!

musican_layers (24K)

Image Layers

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