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Quick Fix

What you are about to see I think you will say, “I don't believe it!”.   Not the Photoshop Elements results but the original.   The photographs were taken about 7:45 a.m. on August 19th.   I tell you the time and date so you will understand that the sun was up and it should have been a perfect time for photographing.   Recently there has been much written, at least in our local newspaper, about pollution in China.   There is indeed more pollution in China than there ever was in Los Angles or Houston.   Please understand that there is no doubt where the world's pollution in originating.   China has a serious problem that they plan to take drastic steps to conceal from the 2008 Olympic visitors and the television world.   Our arrival in Beijing was on the conclusion of a month long test of limiting cars to driving on even-odd days using the last digit of the license plates to governor which vehicles can be on the roads.   Pollution was greatly reduced.   What China does between now and August, 2008, should be interesting.


This was not the only day that pollution was bad.   Results of the Quick Edit.   Not bad considering the original.

More Quick Edit


On the left, Pudong, the new Shanghai, late afternoon.   On the right, corrections with the Quick Edit.   Pretty good.   Reinforces the saying, “expose for the highlights.”

Recently read where 20 years ago, this part of now Shanghai was farmland.   This is just a part of the new city.
It also hosted the tallest building in the world (not shown) until it was overtaken elsewhere.

And, another with Quick Edit

xian_0 xian_1

Monochrome Effects - Sepia

bridge_orig (21K) bridge_sepia (24K)

The original.

Sepia monochrome with reduced Opacity.


vase_1 vase_2

A couple versions. Which is the better of the two?

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