Adobe Photoshop Elements®
Level One

Instructed by Sara Froehlich
Student and Website by Chuck Simon

Lesson 2

Creating a Photo Vignette


A vignette of a photo of our dog, Corky.

Effects Through Selections


The image on the left resulted by following the bar selection steps.    However, I didn't offset the bars in these images.   I wanted something a little more realistic.   I then applied the Filter | Brush Strokes | Spatter and a significant amount of blur.   The image on the right resulted from the same bar selection effect with the application of Filter | Brush Strokes | Ink Outline.

Background Removal


This is the original image that I used for my portrait exercise.
As with most teenage boys (and girls) there is much to be eliminated from the background.

Background Replacement


Creating a Finished Portrait


A lot of fun this week but the portrait was not the easiest thing that I have done.

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