Lesson Two

All photos copyright by Chuck Simon, 2005

More Filters

Brush Stroke – Sprayed

sf-flower-orig (69K)

This is the original for the applicaton of the Brush Stroke filter.


Sprayed Stroke
Stroke Length: 15
Spray Radius: 12
Right Diagonal

Noted that size of image makes a BIG difference.

Brush Stroke – Spatter


Spray Radius: 11
Smoothness: 9
Applied twice


flag-on-wall (104K)

Displace Filter

$50 (43K)


Combine Extrude & Motion Blur

my-canoist (90K)

Using Elements 2.0 doing this was not at all like the instructions.   I don't really know if I was doing it according to the alternate method.   That was what made this one interesting.

Pen and Ink Effect

pen-ink-1 (103K)

red-boat-green-boat-orig (38K)

This is my original for the “pen and ink” that follows.

red-boat-green-boat (155K)

I had an 11 by 14 inch print made of this photograph.

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