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Day 7 — May 2, 2009

Nuremberg, most famous for the post-World War II war trials.   The Romans also built walls around this city.   These first three photographs are of those walls.   The tower in the background of the second photo was also built by the Romans and is part of the Nuremberg Castle.

  • th_3549
  • th_3550
  • th_3551

The pulse of the city of Nuremberg beats at the market square Hauptmarkt — a lively place that is dominated by the beautiful Church Frauenkirche and the Gothic fountain Schöner Brunnen, one of the most visited sights in Nuremberg.   Known for the display for purchase of local handicraft, it is crowded with people selling and buying.   They say that in December it gets really crowded here because then it's time for the world famous Christmas market in Nuremberg, the Christkindlesmarkt Nuremberg!   Well, it wasn't Christmas, it was June.  

  • th_3552
  • th_3553
  • th_3554
  • th_3555

These are but a small example of things for sale.   There were also stands selling ginger bread which we decided would make nice gifts to bring home.   There were other foodstuffs in addition to fresh fruit and vegetables.   We also bought some bread spreads which on sampling was very good.

  • th_3556
  • th_3557
  • th_3558
  • th_3559

And every year in June a group comes from Venice, Italy, to celebrate ties between the two countries.   It indeed looked like a lot of what we saw in Venice, the masks and the costumes.   There was also Italian cheeses for sample and sale, Italian street musicians.   The street was jammed with these Italians and on-lookers such as ourselves.

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  • th_3585

We came across this very nice store selling nutcrackers and many other wood carvings and creations.   Most of these items were for Christmas.   We bought a couple of ornaments here for the “grandtwins”.   There were some cute creations.

  • th_3586
  • th_3588
  • th_3589
  • th_3590
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  • th_3593

Back at the Hauptmarkt, market square, Mieko was waiting at the gingerbread vendor while I went to a photography store to purchase another battery for the camera.   The second, sixth and seventh photograph below is of the Schöner Brunnen fountain.

  • th_3594
  • th_3595
  • th_3596
  • th_3597
  • th_3598
  • th_3599
  • th_3600

A bus between downtown and our boat ran on a schedule throughout the afternoon.   As we did, we just left the boat, boarded the bus and we were downtown.   Then at the schedule time of the hour, we could just board the bus for the return trip.   Once back at the boat, a few photographs that had not been taken.   Notice the last three, height of the bridge and cover to behind the bridge were adjustable for passing under low bridges.   The next to last photo is of the cabling which is bundled into a flexible entity to permit the raising and lowering of the bridge.

  • th_3601
  • th_3603
  • th_3604
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Tomorrow — We Fly Home

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