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Day 6 — May 1, 2009

Today we also traveled by bus.   Our distination is the Danube Gorge however, it is was not possible to take our boat into this part of the Danube.   The countryside was covered with farmlands but really impossible to get any decent photographs through the bus window.

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Our bus dropped us off at an excursion boat landing.   We were just a small group of the “tourist” that would take the ride into the gorge.   The Danube cuts a dramatic pass through the mountains and it is this section that is the narrowest and steepest section of the river.   It was a very nice afternoon trip.

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Everyone leaves the boat once we get to the end of the ride.   It was a short walk from the boat landing to the Weltenburg Abbey.   This Abbey was founded at the beginning of the 7th century and is one of Germany's oldest monasteries.

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In 1050, the monks began brewing beer and it has be in the “beer business” ever since.   We were told that we would have the opportunity to sample some of their famous brews.   But the brewery was closed!   One of their brews is the “Anno 1050” which I think I have seen.   In addition to the Abbey, there is a beer garden which is pictured in the banner photograph at the top of this page and the second photograph below.

Bad weather finally caught us.   Everyone was expected to walk from the Abbey to a bus parking lot which was about a mile away.   But while we were at the Abbey, it began to pour down rain.   Our host decided that the older people should not be expected to slowly walk to the bus so a van was arranged to shuttle us nine at a time to the parking lot.   This was a big relief to Mieko and I as we certainly didn't relish the idea of walking in the rain.   From the parking lot, we were to be taken back to our boat which had come up river to meet us.

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We left the Abbey a little earlier than had been planned because of the rain.   Our guide decided to make a side trip to a small “summer vacation” town and the a monument built by King Ludwig the first to honor the victories in the Napoleanic wars.   The place is called Befeiungshalle and a much better explanation of it can be seen that that link.   We were really not told anything about it, just stopped for photographs and restrooms.   Literally “Befeiungshalle” translates as "release hall" but I suspect it would be better thought of as a liberty hall.

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Comfortable on the bus, we finally arrived at the boat and just as we left the bus it really started raining — with small hail!   I literly dragged Mieko to a run.   We got soaked nevertheless.   As I remember there was something we were to do before dinner.   As it was, we had to change all our cloths and shower to warm ourselves.   It was a wild day!

Tomorrow — Nuremberg, Germany

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