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Day 7 — May 2, 2009

We have had our last meals on board the Viking Europe.   Our bags have been picked up and we are on our way home.   From the boat we go to the Nuremberg Airport and there take a flight to Dusseldorf for the flight to Chicago.   There were few people at the Nuremberg Airport and we had an easy check-in.   We also had plenty of time.   At our gate we noticed this “airplane” which was really a play area for children.   No children around but I took some pictures.

Well, as we were waiting, I checked the boarding pass just to look at it and noticed that we were at the wrong gate.   That surely must have been the reason no one else was there with everyone going to another gate.   No harm done, plenty of time so we walked over to the correct gate.

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The last scenes of Germany as we left for Dusseldorf.   The yellow fields are canola plants.   Other than that, it looked pretty much as the portions of the United States looks.   Short layover in Dusseldorf then an eight hour flight to the Windy City.

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