.. Content-Aware ..


This was a shot I could not pass up but the fence surrounding this poor bird is a distraction.


The use of Content-Aware made this easier but not a snap.   The easiest part of the fence to remove was that which intersected the natural content at near right angle.   Where the fence was parallel to the natural content, Photoshop really didn't know what to do.   I did do a lot of clean up with the cloning tool — but I decided that I did not have the time, nor energy, to work over the entire photograph.   Like it is said, more ways than one to do something with Photoshop.

.. Digital Painting ..


This is the result of a lot, I mean a lot, of experimenting.   I set the colors initially to a couple of spots on the photograph.   Then used the Mixer brush without sampling.   I finally found to keep the brush strokes short and let the setting do their work.   This new tool warrants more playing.

Okay, the experimenting goes forth.   This uses a “mouse over” to see the original.   (Although, hard to improve on nature.)


This used a “round blunt bristle brush” with airbrush on.   Oh, just for information, I use a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet.   Agree with Sara, could not do without it doing this type of work.

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