Creating Layer Styles

I am showing here four styles applied to text.   Two are without an outline stroke and two with the outline stroke. Color overlays and gradients changed for various use.

cs5lesson1-1 cs5lesson1-2

The “speckle” in the style is a pattern I made by Filter | Render | Clouds followed by Filter | Pixelate | Mezzotine.

cs5lesson1-3 cs5lesson1-4

Blend If ...


I liked the way the Blend If seemed to “rust away” the text just as Pittsburgh's steel industry also joined the rank and file of the “rust belt”.


This photograph I used in another class taught by Sara.   Beth's comment at the time was that I coulda, shoulda placed it under a good sky.   So from a collection I have made of blue, cloudy skies the Blend If accomplished this in short order.  

abby sky

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