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This is level three of instruction offered by LVS Online.   In the above banner image, a click on Levels I or II will bring up the previous work for those levels.

Lesson 3

High Dynamic Range

Well, I think I am going to have to devote more time and energy to seeking out situations for HDR.   Several years ago on my first attempt, the HDR in CS2 said that there was not enough difference in the photos.   There was more than that of the Dodge truck/car and it worked beautifully.   So that is the one I will show here.


The detail that is revealed in the chrome reflection is amazing.

So — We resort to faking it.

Mouseover for original photograph next four images.

faking hdr

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

faking hdr

Yellowstone Geyser

faking hdr

Cincinnati Contempory Arts Museum

faking hdr

My Favorite Paint Store

This lesson was fun.   Could easily keep messing around with otherwise good photographs.