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This is level three of instruction offered by LVS Online.   In the above banner image, a click on Levels I or II will bring up the previous work for those levels.

Lesson 2

Adobe Camera Raw

Synchronized Adobe Camera Raw Edits

Well these two screen captures are too small to see anything.   But alas, there is a solution at hand, your mousing hand.   Just click on the image and it will appear in a larger, readable size.   Click on the enlarged image to close.


figure1.jpg figure2.jpg

In addition to some minor edits in Black, Exposure, etc.   I used Crop on one photograph and obtained the same crop size with the synchronize to the second.   This could really be a handy feature.



Targeted Adjustment Tool & Adjustment Brush

Mouseover for original photograph.


Converting to Grayscale

Mouseover for original photograph.


The lighthouse in the lesson rendered a beautiful black and white.   Just as I like to take them with a nice blue sky and a red filter to turn it near black.   I may have to go back to this building on a blue sky day and re-photograph.

Applying a Gradient

Applying the Gradient


Finished Image

Problem I see with the gradient is that there seems to be no way to mask off that which should not receive the gradient.   In this case the gradient was being applied to the building which it should not have been.