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This is level three of instruction offered by LVS Online.   In the above banner image, a click on Levels I or II will bring up the previous work for those levels.

Lesson 1

Photoshop Channels

Used as a Mask to Extract a Subject

Mouseover for original photograph.


The multi-story building is a luxury condo that I was Project Manager for its construction in the late 1988-89.   The tower more to the foreground is an old water tower that once served part of Cincinnati.

Mask Creations Channel

rowan-orig.jpg rowan.jpg
rowan-mask.jpg couch-mask.jpg

Color to Black & White


My original color photograph selected for the following creations.   Selected for detail and textures.

Image Mode Grayscale
Image Mode Grayscale w/Levels Adjustment
Green Channel
Green Channel Duplicated 60% Screen Mode
LAB Lightness
Calculations: Green+Red darken 60% + Mask using Blue

My likes — I prefer the last method created with the Calculations and it is tied with the Green Channel with a duplicate layer, blending 60% Screen.